Since my first year of university, I have been actively involved in developing showcase websites for small and medium companies in my hometown of Bologna and in the nearby area. With a dual degree in Business Economics and Computer Science, I gained technical competence in web programming while also enhancing my business skills and acquiring a mindset for identifying and synthesizing economic factors into the bigger picture.

After graduating, I embarked on my first job as a warehouse specialist and digital content creator for a UK-based e-commerce company specializing in watches. This experience provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the back-end operations of an e-commerce platform and allowed me to delve into the intricacies of utilizing warehouse management systems (WMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

During my time in the UK, I developed a keen interest in the concept of an Open Society and its digital enablement. Motivated by this newfound fascination, I decided to further upgrade my skills in this domain.

In 2020, just before the onset of the COVID crisis, I returned to Italy to complete my studies with a particular focus on Internet of Things (IoT) systems. As a result, I pursued a Master of Science in Digital Technology Management, specializing in IoT.

As part of my master's program, I undertook an internship at CRIF, a renowned global company specializing in business and credit information systems. Here, I worked as a technological consultant in Open Innovation, actively participating in and learning the process of conducting proof-of-concept (PoC) initiatives for AI and Blockchain products.

In March 2022, I joined Agridecision, a Brazilian startup focusing on IoT systems in agriculture, as part of a Marie-Curie EU project centered around sustainability. Presently, I continue to work there as a Technological Assistant to the company owner. My responsibilities span various aspects of the business and the project. Working closely with the development team, I contribute to the creation of the Farmbook platform, which integrates data from IoT devices. Additionally, I handle tasks such as installing IoT devices in the field, managing the data flow from the devices to the application server, implementing business intelligence (BI) and AI techniques to extract insights from big data, providing Lora and Smart Farming training, and preparing reports for the European Commissioner.

Throughout my tenure at Agridecision, I have been involved in three distinct projects: a vineyard in West Greece, oil production in South Spain, and a coconut tree plantation in West Borneo. These projects have not only allowed me to apply my expertise but have also provided opportunities to collaborate with other companies within the consortium. Through these interactions, I have gained exposure to various technologies employed in agriculture, including satellites, drones, and photosynthetic analysis.

Overall, my academic and professional journey has equipped me with a comprehensive skill set encompassing web programming, business acumen, IoT systems, open innovation, and sustainable agriculture. I remain dedicated to furthering my knowledge and contributing to the development of digital solutions that drive positive societal and economic change.

Job aside, engaging in extracurricular activities has played a significant role in shaping my character and instilling valuable lessons within me. One such endeavor was my 12-year journey as a member of a semi-professional football team. This experience taught me indispensable lessons on the significance of individual roles within a team, fostering effective teamwork towards a shared objective, and mastering emotional control when faced with pressure or adversity.

In addition to my involvement in sports, I have also been an active political activist for an Italian liberal party. This passionate engagement has provided me with the opportunity to navigate diverse environments and encounter people from various walks of life. It has been an invaluable platform for honing my interpersonal skills, enabling me to adapt to different situations and effectively communicate my beliefs. Furthermore, being a political activist has empowered me to confidently advocate for my own views and stand up for what I believe in, fostering a sense of assertiveness and self-advocacy within me.